Creative Services

Our homes represent the starting and ending point of each day.  It’s where we refuel and replenish ourselves; where we feel comfortable and relaxed.  Do you look forward to coming home and being at home?

We have an opportunity to express our creative selves with confidence and originality within our homes.  Do you feel inspired by the items and images that surround you?  Does your home honor what is important to you?

Spatial arrangement can affect how you feel emotionally and physically in your home.  The way in which things are stored and positioned determines not only how much space is available to you, but how you move through it.  Do you favor open space or closer quarters, and are your belongings in harmony or contradiction to your true inclination?

Paying attention to your responses to these thoughts and questions will help you focus on how you feel about your home environment.  Having this information will make it easier for you to envision an atmosphere that better supports your life.

Mindful Redesign offers:

Residential redesign, organization, spatial planning, decorating, creative consultation, color consultation, home staging, downsizing and more.

“I value self expression, the creative process and the opportunity to exchange ideas and share my passion with others.”

Tami Puckett